ICANN Dysfunctions and Abuse, New gTLDs, TMCH

More ICANN dysfunctions and abuse re: new gTLDs and TMCH--

"As explained in my letter dated March 20th 2014, Domainoo, a French domain name provider for big companies, has been facing a big issue concerning TMCH labels authorized for trademarks with accents (umlaut, acute accent …).

"In order to meet your requirement concerning exact match between trademark and proof of use, many clients have been obliged to protect in the TMCH trademarks with accents. Unfortunately, we learned later, checking the corresponding labels, that corresponding domain names without accents were not authorized and non-addable. 

"We have participated to many meetings in which we met people from other countries facing the same issues. Despite our letters, nothing has changed and we have been obliged, in order to offer a strong protection to our clients to ask them to protect in the TMCH new trademarks without the accents. Thus, they have been invoiced twice to obtain the good protection.

"As already explained, until TMCH was created, all previous Sunrise Periods have accepted these trademarks to lock or register domain names without accents (trademark Moët used to protect moet.xxx for example) and you can check with .PARIS that the Registry will authorize these trademarks during its priority phase.

"The big French company MHCS, part of Moet Hennessy group, a subsidiary of LVMH group, is associated to this letter and would like to receive a reimbursement or a compensation for all the unnecessary costs they have had to bear with the inscription of many useless trademark (according to your conditions of course) !

"Thank you in advance for your attention and your efforts so that our customers have not the feeling that they have been abused by ICANN and the TMCH." (emphasis added)

Online document (pdf):

Domainoo Letter to ICANN re TMCH, trademarks

Domain Mondo comment: Not to worry--lots of companies and people have been abused by ICANN, excepting of course, its favored customers: certain registry operatorsservice providers; and registrars;--remember, for ICANN, "it's all about the money"--the public interest be damned.

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