Geneva Internet Conference, Day 2, The Complexity of Internet Governance

Geneva Internet Conference, Day 2 – 19 Nov 2014: The complexity of Internet governance: sustaining innovation while ensuring equality-- full program here or pdf
CURRENT Date and Time in Geneva, Switzerland:

The links for AdobeConnect participation for each of the different rooms are:
'Salle Obassi' https://meet93452463.adobeconnect.com/gic-1/
'Auditorium Kreuzel' https://meet93452463.adobeconnect.com/gicroomtwo/
'Auditorium de Mello' https://meet93452463.adobeconnect.com/gicremoteroom3/

Today's Highlighted Session:
Drafting in policy processes: how can we best nurture the socialisation of policy texts in multistakeholder contexts? (Auditorium de Mello for remote participation online) 14.00 ‒ 15.30
  • Moderator: Jovan Kurbalija, DiploFoundation and GIP
  • Alex Sceberras Trigona, Special Envoy of the Prime Minister of Malta and former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Malta
  • Richard Hill, President, Association for Proper Internet Governance
  • Avri Doria, Principal Researcher, Technicalities
One of the fathers of the Internet Jon Postel said ‘Group discussion is very valuable; group drafting is less productive.’ The more people involved, the greater the complexity of the process. The drafting process is not individual writing; it is highly social. Thus, ‘socialisation of the text’ is essential for successful negotiations. All involved should be aware of how the final draft was negotiated, what was included, and what was left out. Participants should know that their voices were heard, considered, and adopted… or not, accordingly.

The panelists will address the following questions:
  • How do we harvest and harness a wide range of inputs in the drafting process?
  • What types of procedures are needed to ensure that the drafted text can have legitimate acceptance by most actors involved in the process?
  • How do we deal with conflicting situations in the drafting process?

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