Cuban Bloggers, Internet Freedom (video)

Cuba’s bloggers have staked out a middle ground between the hard-line criticism of dissidents and the propaganda of state-run media. How much freedom will their government give them? (source: December 23, 2014--New York Times, by Alexandra Garcia, Ernesto Londono, and Andrew Blackwell) video link

14ymedio.com/blogs/generacion_y/ Yoani Sanchez

chiringadecuba.com Carlos Alberto Pérez

Related:  Article: Cuba’s Promising New Online Voices: "... In December 2010, nearly three years after he took power from his ailing brother Fidel, Raúl Castro called on Cubans to be critical of the system, acknowledging that the Communist Party had failed its citizens in myriad ways. Cuba’s diverse and growing community of bloggers and independent journalists have done just that, becoming a powerful alternative to the official press, which for decades has delivered hyperbolic and dull content, but little substantive journalism... "

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