.NET Pricing Increase, Namecheap Promotions, Move Your Domain Day

Domain Mondo recently received the following notices from Namecheap:

"This is an official notification regarding a cost increase for .NET domain names. VeriSign, the registry responsible for .net, is raising its costs for .net domain registrations, renewals, and transfers. As a result, we are forced to update our prices as well. On January 30th, 2015, the new price for .net domains will be $12.48/yr. + the ICANN fee. We will continue to offer multi-year registration and renewal discounts on our site. In reaction to this increase, we are having a Renewal Special on the 29th of January ($0.98 off your regular renewal rate). You will not need a coupon to take advantage of this deal. Just process your renewal and the price will automatically update in your cart. Mark the date, as it's coming up quickly. If you cannot join us on Friday, 29th January, we highly recommend that you renew any .net domains (for multiple years) prior to January 30, 2015, in order to take advantage of your current price and to save money in the long run."

In addition, Namecheap is having a special MoveYourDomainDay on January 27th"... we hosted the first official MoveYourDomainDay in 2012 as a call-to-action for those who opposed SOPA and wanted to leave service providers who supported SOPA and other such ill-conceived legislation. Every year, our lawmakers propose new laws restricting internet freedom. That's why we continue to fight on with our annual MYDD. To our loyal clients: Thank you for being part of this important work. Every year, as part of our MYDD effort, Namecheap donates a portion of the day’s sales to online freedom fighters the Electronic Frontier Foundation. EFF is a donor-supported membership organization that works to protect fundamental rights regardless of technology and to educate the public about digital rights ..."

"MoveYourDomainDay will happen again on January 27, 2015. On that day, you can transfer your .com/.net/.org/.biz/.info for only $3.98 (plus applicable ICANN fees) with coupon code NC15MYDD, and you get an additional year on your domain name when you transfer. Shared hosting plans (Value, Professional, Ultimate) will all be 50% off with coupon code MYDDHOST15."
Namecheap: "The transfer coupon is limited to 50 domains and one usage per household/business. You keep any remaining time you have on the domain when you transfer, and the transfer process adds one more year. So if you have 1.5 years on the domain before you transfer, you’ll have 2.5 years afterward."

"For every domain transferred or hosting plan purchased, up to 10,000, Namecheap will donate $0.50 to the Electronic Frontier Foundation. The donation amount goes up to $1.00 per domain/hosting plan if we exceed 10,000. And if we exceed 20,000 domains transferred/hosting plans purchased, Namecheap will donate $1.50 for each transaction. The Electronic Frontier Foundation is the leading non-profit organization defending civil liberties in the digital world. Founded in 1990, they fight for online privacy rights, internet freedom, and anti-censorship. Visit them at www.eff.org."

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