CCWG-Accountability and ICANN Board Sept 2nd Dialogue Online

UPDATE September 8, 2015: Steve Crocker, ICANN Board Chairman published a blog post Monday, excerpt below:

Firstly, the Board will submit comments on the ICG IANA Stewardship Transition Proposal. We are very appreciative of all the hard work done by the ICG members and the three operational communities to produce the ICG proposal. The main focus of our comments will be on the implementation of the proposals by ICANN as the current IANA Functions Operator.

Secondly, as discussed extensively over the past week, the ICANN Board will submit comments on the CCWG-Accountability 2nd Draft Proposal on Enhancing ICANN Accountability. These inputs will include:
  • Comments on the mission and core values; and
  • Suggested enhancements of elements of the draft report; and
  • A matrix of the key elements proposed by the CCWG-Accountability highlighting the elements of alignment between the Board and the CCWG-Accountability as well as the elements where the Board has suggested enhancements.
We thank the community for their consideration of our comments and continued trust in the multistakeholder process that has got us this far. The continued back and forth of ideas and opinions is how we will together build the strongest proposal for the IANA Stewardship Transition, and we look forward to the next steps in the process and encourage all interested parties to submit their comments before the deadline.

UPDATE September 4, 2015: Working Together Through The Last Mile - Steve Crocker, ICANN Board Chairman: "... We support the important improvements for ICANN's accountability contained in the CCWG-Accountability's 2nd Draft Proposal. We endorse the goal of enforceability of these accountability mechanisms, and we believe that it is possible to implement the key elements of the proposal. We want to work together to achieve the elements of the proposal within the community's timeline while meeting the NTIA requirements. As we enter the final days of the Public Comment period, the Board wants to be completely clear on our position. We are in agreement on key concepts set forward in the CCWG's proposal ..." (read more at link above)

UPDATE September 3, 2015:

UPDATE: ICANN Board--CCWG-Accountability dialogue concludes--summary below:

more tweets at @sgdickinson

See notes of meeting on CCWG wiki:  https://community.icann.org/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=56133316

At the beginning meeting, Chairman Steve Crocker and Board Member Chris Dispain presented the information summarized here:
http://mm.icann.org/pipermail/accountability-cross-community/2015-September/005160.html and here: http://mm.icann.org/pipermail/accountability-cross-community/2015-September/005161.html

Summary on CCWG mail list: http://mm.icann.org/pipermail/accountability-cross-community/2015-September/005168.html --Actions and next steps:
  1. Board to provide detailed proposals in writing to the CCWG. Would be beneficial if this could come with legal analysis as well as rationale and any prior work on the impact analysis of the Board¹s implementation proposal. 
  2. Then, the CCWG will certify a request for its lawyers to review this proposal and check for CCWG and CWG requirements
  3. In the CCWG remit to consider what parts of the proposal need to be taken on board while remaining an open process where Board will remain engaged.
  4. The lawyers (ICANN, Sidley, Adler, and Jones Day) should start a dialogue to review the Board proposal.
Do we want to schedule any more calls or small group interactions or a F2F?
Before the CCWG decides on this, the CCWG needs to understand the Board¹s comments better.
Public statement for reporters?
* We can acknowledge that there was constructive dialogue
* The CCWG is willing to understand what Board¹s recommendation is
* We need to make sure the statements today do not overturn or prematurely compromise the CCWG¹s work to date

The Board will endeavor to get comments into the Public Comment Forum ASAP.

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CCWG/Board Dialogue Call from 22:00 Wed. – 01:00 AM Thursday UTC (2-3 Sept) which is Wednesday Sept 2nd from 6-9pm ET (US) - Time zone converter here

Online via Adobe Connect: https://icann.adobeconnect.com/dialogue/

Proposed agenda:
1. Welcome and opening remarks
2. Board presents its comments and suggestions on the overall proposal
3. Walk through sections of the report where necessary
4. Discussion of the transitional phase
5. Outlook, next steps and closing remarks

The CCWG-Accountability seeks input and feedback on its 2nd Draft Report [PDF, 2.62 MB]. The 2nd Draft Report is also available section by section on the CCWG-Accountability's Wiki workspace at https://community.icann.org/x/pKs0Aw. Translations will also be posted on the Wiki workspace as available for each section.

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