ICANN Finally Releases APNIC Report on New gTLDs UA Problems

Universal Acceptance screenshot from ICANN Quarterly Stakeholder Call August 20, 2015
Universal Acceptance (UA) screenshot from ICANN Quarterly Stakeholder Call August 20, 2015
"What data or metrics is ICANN capturing or measuring about new gTLDs Universal Acceptance issues, i.e., new gTLD domain names “failing to work as expected on the internet” and reportedly “breaking stuff”? Is this data being captured on an on-going basis? Will the data or metrics be published so the global Internet community and domain name registrants may be advised of “defect” issues relating to ICANN’s new gTLDs domain names?" -- Question asked by John Poole, editor of Domain Mondo at ICANN Quarterly Stakeholder Call, August 20, 2015
When the above question was asked on August 20, 2015, Fadi Chehade, ICANN CEO, referred it to Global Domains Division President, Akram Atallah, who basically indicated there were no such metrics or data being captured on an ongoing basis and did not mention the APNIC report. Then ICANN CTO Dave Conrad answered and indicated the "APNIC" Report had been published on the ICANN website and he would provide the URL before the stakeholder call concluded. At the conclusion of the stakeholder call, Conrad entered the following into the chat window:
David Conrad: My apologies, it seems that the report on the study on Universal Acceptance we developed with APNIC has not yet been released -- we wanted to look at the data a bit more.  We anticipate a release of the report very soon.
The referenced APNIC report (pdf) was finally released September 14, 2015. It is of limited scope and use, however the biggest takeaway was stated by David Conrad:
"There will need to be changes to systems and software to fully leverage the global opportunities these new TLDs enable."
The transcript of the Quarterly (FY15 Q4) stakeholder call on August 20, 2015, is still not available as of September 16th (3pm ET), but the recordings and presentation may be accessed here.

For more information about Universal Acceptance "problems" with ICANN's new gTLDs (new generic top-level domains) see Domain Mondo posts:

ICANN website on Universal Acceptance
and maillist: http://mm.icann.org/pipermail/ua-discuss/

Maillist posting of September 16, 2015, by ICANN Board Member Ram Mohan (and Chair, UASG):

"BlueCoat <https://www.bluecoat.com/company-overview>, a security vendor used by most of the Fortune 500, released a report on the Web’s shadiest TLDs <https://www.bluecoat.com/company/press-releases/blue-coat-reveals-webs-shadiest-neighborhoods> on Sep 1, 2015. They recommend to their 15,000+ customers to block all listed TLDs (report attached). Most of these are new gTLDs. There are implications for universal acceptance. This will result in some discussion at the upcoming UA Coordination Summit in Horsham tomorrow and Friday. The summit will have a conference bridge for anyone interesting in participating. Don Hollander will provide details."    -Ram Chair, UASG [BlueCoat report (pdf)] (emphasis added)
"BlueCoat’s methodology is discussed in some security group mailing lists. My understanding is that in the case of .zip, there were instances of <file>.pdf.zip which allowed for drive-bys, malware etc. regardless of the state of name registration. -ram"


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