Systemic Risk and Asset Management in the Post Crisis Era (videos)

Why the U.S. Can't Go It Alone Anymore on Monetary Policy

U.S. central bankers talk a lot these days. Even their formal statements have gotten much longer. But for all the talk, there's one thing they're still not saying. Bloomberg Gadfly's Lisa Abramowicz tells us why it's important for Janet Yellen and Fed officials to become more transparent about some of their conversations. (Bloomberg.com - June 15, 2016)

Asset management in the post crisis era | FT Markets:

The FT's Philip Stafford and Arjun Singh-Muchelle of The Investment Association discuss how the post-crisis trading reforms are affecting asset managers. (FT.com May 25, 2016)

What is systemic risk?

See also: London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), collection of videos from the Systemic Risk Centre.

In finance, systemic risk is the risk of collapse of an entire financial system or entire market, as opposed to risk associated with any one individual entity, group or component of a system, that can be contained therein without harming the entire system. --Wikipedia

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