2016 Internet Trends Report, Smartphone Growth Slowing, Video & Slides

UPDATE Video: Internet trends report presented by Mary Meeker, KPCB, Code Conference 2016:

Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers partner Mary Meeker delivers her annual internet trends report. She says "easy growth is behind us" as the newest internet users are coming from less developed and less affluent countries. Meeker also delves into artificial intelligence, Snapchat brand integrations, changes to live sports viewing habits, car industry innovation and the rise of millennial consumers, among many other topics. Published June 1, 2016


2016 edition of Mary Meeker’s (KPCB) annual Internet Trends report (slides above). 3 Billion global Internet users, growth flat at 9% Y/Y, 7% Y/Y excluding India. Global smartphone user growth slowing, as are smartphone shipments.

KPCB Report offers an in-depth look at the following:

• Global Internet users have surpassed 3B; India, not U.S., is the world’s second-largest Internet market.

• Internet user growth flat (led by acceleration in India), while smartphone user and shipment growth have slowed.

• In the face of a slowing global economy, key macro growth drivers from the past 2 decades are less certain.

Internet advertising (particularly via mobile) continues to grow, but so does ad-blocking, pushing the envelope on development of more innovative ad formats.

New online-first brands have rapidly grown in popularity for the millennial generation with their focus on omni-channel and personalized distribution strategies.

• In communication, video and images shared are growing as a means of storytelling; creators, consumers, and advertisers are taking part.

Messaging has evolved from simple, expressive conversation to business-focused use cases, with Asian platforms often leading the way.

• More efficient and often more convenient than typing, voice-based interfaces are ramping quickly and creating a new paradigm for human-computer interaction.

Transportation is being re-imagined, as the rise of car computerization, autonomous driving, and sharing transform our understanding of mobility.

• Looking to China, Internet leadership continues, as the country boasts global innovation powerhouses in e-commerce, messaging, travel, financial services, and on-demand transportation.

• The proliferation of data generated by a multitude of devices has fostered tremendous business opportunity, but privacy concerns abound.

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