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Twitter Could Unlock a Lot of Value, Co-Founder Ev Williams Says:

Evan Williams, Medium's chief executive officer and co-founder of Twitter (twitter.com), comments on Twitter and Jack Dorsey. He speaks during an interview with Bloomberg's Emily Chang on "Bloomberg West." Video published September 1, 2016. See also After a quiet summer, Twitter’s board will take a hard look at what comes next | Recode.net Sep 6, 2016: Talk of a sale continues to rumble — "Twitter is considered to be too bloated still — it had 3,860 employees as of June 30 and paid out $168 million in stock-based compensation last quarter alone, an amount equal to roughly 28 percent of its quarterly revenue. (Facebook’s stock-based compensation was just 12.5 percent of its Q2 revenue, in comparison.)"

Advertising & Monetization: the key to success?
Twitter $TWTR in 1-year, as of Sep 02, 2016, DOWN 30.55%
Here’s how Snapchat makes money from disappearing videos:

Snapchat (snapchat.com) plans to make somewhere around $300 million in revenue this year, up from a $50 million revenue target last year, while also telling investors that it could be a $500 million to $1 billion business in 2017, a massive jump. Video above published August 17, 2016.

Transcript via YouTube:
0:00 snapchat has over 150 million daily users that's about half the population
0:05 of the united states how to snapchat accompany famous for making messages
0:09 disappear generate any money they do it the same way other Internet companies
0:13 like Google or Facebook or Twitter generate money through advertising if
0:18 you use snapchat you'll see ads in three key places inside the app in the
0:22 discovery channels that is publishing partners produce in snapchat stories
0:26 like the big montage snapchat compiles for major events like the Super Bowl or
0:30 coachella you also soon see ads inserted between the stories that your friends
0:34 are posting as you jump from one friend story to another you may see a word from
0:38 a snapchat advertiser as well but the most creative ads snapchat cells are
0:43 sponsored filters and lenses the face distorting technology that lets users
0:47 transformed into a dog or a zombie or a bumblebee brands can sponsor these
0:51 lenses like Taco Bell did when it turned users faces into tacos and users love
0:56 them
0:57 advertisers due to snapchat is hoping to generate around three hundred million
1:00 dollars in ad revenue this year and is telling investors it could bring in as
1:04 much as 1 billion dollars in 2017 that's a lot of money it would certainly be a
1:09 big jump for snapchat but remember twitter which is under tons of pressure
1:13 from Wall Street to turn things around made more than 2 billion dollars in
1:17 revenue last year facebook made almost 18 billion dollars a measly $MONEY
1:22 billion doesn't impress like they used to
1:24 so what does the future hold for snapchat we don't know the business is
1:28 young and the company needs to show marketers that it's ads actually lead to
1:32 sales because when snapchat's shine wears off and it's no longer the hot new app
1:36 that everyone's talking about ads will be what keeps its business growing

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