Global Innovation Index 2016: Switzerland, Sweden, UK, US Lead (video)

A.T. Kearney Chairman Aurik on Innovation and the Digital Revolution:

In his message above on the Global Innovation Index 2016, Johan Aurik (A.T. Kearney Managing Partner and Chairman of the Board) discusses opportunities arising from the digital revolution and its impact on companies and industries. This year’s GII looks at the rising share of innovation carried out via global networks, and ranks the innovation capacity and performance of 128 countries and economies, based on 82 indicators. Video above published August 15, 2016. Video transcript further below.

Global Innovation Index 2016 - Top Rankings:
Top Rankings: Global Innovation Index
Global Innovation Index Top Rankings - source: Rankings & infographics and Global Innovation Index website

A.T. Kearney Chairman Aurik on Innovation and the Digital Revolution - Transcript via YouTube:
0:00 hello AT Kearney is proud for the second year in a row to be the knowledge
0:06 partner of the global innovation index the GI index as it's now recognizes the
0:12 importance of innovation as one of the key drivers of global growth and global
0:17 development
0:19 this year's researched is really focused in the first place on the impact of the
0:24 digital revolution which is taking place and affecting so many companies and so
0:30 many industries around around the world
0:33 the research shows that digital is changing the way companies innovate
0:38 first of all eight out of the ten companies that we interviewed stress
0:44 that the global nature of their innovation processes is increasing
0:49 dramatically and second of all that whereas in the past they used to work
0:54 together perhaps with suppliers the ecosystem is broadening quite
0:58 dramatically and including academics individuals governments and institutions
1:03 around the world
1:04 digital is therefore having a profound impact on the way companies do
1:10 innovation and are successful for that most companies however are not ready for
1:16 this way of innovation
1:18 most companies are not startups after all there are established companies used
1:22 to a certain way of working and often that way of working takes place within
1:26 the four walls of the organization
1:29 companies need to transform therefore they need to change the way they work
1:32 that is not easy
1:34 that takes time but at all can be done and the impact we believe in the benefit
1:38 of that is tremendous innovation is therefore not simply a matter of
1:43 creative processes and of startups
1:46 innovation is in the first place a challenge but also an opportunity for
1:49 established companies to change their ways of working and to profit from that
1:54 ... is proud to be the knowledge partner of this of this effort
2:01 we hope you have a chance to read through the report and to digest and to
2:07 discuss the conclusions that we have
2:09 we have reached thank you very much

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