Tweets and Post-hearing Notes re: Cruz Hearing on IANA Transition

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Dysfunctional ICANN leadership (e.g., former CEO and Board of Directors) together with lack of transparency are among the core reasons ICANN is not trusted by some members of the global multistakeholder community.

Yes, in the IANA Transition plan, governments get a limited increase in power, but post-transition all governments (including U.S.) are equal inside ICANN, i.e., it takes just 1 government to prevent GAC consensus advice. But, by virtue of ICANN's corporate domicile (California) and ICANN's election as an IRC §501(c)(3) non-profit, California and U.S. law will have precedence in most ICANN legal disputes (see, e.g., Domain Mondo's ICANN Litigation Status Update).

Potential liability under U.S. antitrust law may be one of the most important, and powerful, accountability measures on post-transition ICANN.

Preventing a "competing" internet root may be the most compelling reason to not delay the IANA transition despite misgivings about ICANN or the IANA transition plan.

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