Every Single Part Inside an Apple iPhone (infographic)

Below: parts inside an Apple iPhone 6s
Courtesy of: Visual Capitalist

Highlighted are 34 individual components in an iPhone 6s which come from eight countries: U.S., China, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, Germany, Netherlands, UK.

Key pieces in the iPhone come from Apple’s biggest competitor Samsung--the South Korean company produces some of Apple's A9 chips, display screens, mobile DRAM, and flash memory--Apple is the biggest external customer of Samsung components in the world.

Manufacturing of physical pieces of bigger hardware (battery, screen, camera, etc.) tends to be dominated by Asian suppliers, while technologies integrated with the printed circuit board come mostly from U.S. and European suppliers. For example, technology for the iPhone 6s lithium-ion battery comes from three companies in Asia--2 in China (Desay Battery Tech, Sunwoda Electronics), and 1 in Taiwan (Simple Technology). Technologies from Texas Instruments (in the U.S.), integrate right into the printed circuit board: battery charger, power management, and the LED backlight Retina display driver. Bosch Sensortec out of Germany provides two parts built into the circuit board: a barometer and an accelerometer.

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