Unsolicited Career Advice You Will Likely Ignore, Unfortunately (video)

Prof Galloway's Career Advice

As summer winds down, Professor Scott Galloway offers some unsolicited career advice.

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Transcript via YouTube.com:
00:01  as summer winds down and many head back
00:04  to school or into the workforce some
00:07  unsolicited career advice which I'm
00:08  fairly certain will resonate and 100%
00:11  certain you will ignore: 1. Get
00:15  certified and the depths of the Great
00:16  Recession college grads enjoyed half the
00:19  unemployment rate of high school
00:21  graduates over the course of your
00:22  lifetime college grads are going to make
00:24  an average two times with someone
00:27  without a degree earns if you can't find
00:28  your way to college then seek other
00:30  certification whether it's a class three
00:32  driver's license scuba certification or
00:34  a degree in cosmetology 2. Be remarkable
00:38  develop not just one area of expertise
00:40  but two skills that don't always
00:42  naturally go together be the CFO who
00:44  also understands what music should be
00:46  played at your events be the creative
00:48  director who knows how to use Excel just
00:50  as Lindt chocolate brings together dark
00:52  chocolate and chili peppers what two
00:54  attributes are you going to bring
00:56  together that differentiate you 
00:58  3. Find the variance look at the six or
01:01  eight things that are key to your firm
01:03  success and identify one or two of those
01:05  where you can differentiate yourself by
01:06  becoming an expert if everyone's pretty
01:09  good at PowerPoint that's not where the
01:10  variance is but if some people can't
01:12  string together a sentence and writing
01:14  is important your job and try to become
01:16  a great writer. 4. Get to a city your
01:20  zip code is a strong signal of future
01:23  wealth two-thirds of economic growth
01:24  will take place in cities like tennis
01:27  when your rally with someone better than
01:29  you you improve being in a city forces
01:32  you to rally with the best. 5. Boring
01:35  is sexy want to produce movies work for
01:37  Vogue or open restaurants then you
01:39  better receive a great deal of psychic
01:41  income because your return on investment
01:43  will be lousy software as a service for
01:45  healthcare maintenance workers sounds
01:47  awful that's where the money is
01:49  6. Be willing to delay gratification
01:52  Einstein said the power of compound
01:55  interest is the most powerful force in
01:57  the universe this is true not only for
01:59  money but your own efforts every day
02:01  invest in something with a path won't
02:03  come for several years but aggregates
02:06  7. Demonstrate strength and grit what
02:09  do fortune 500 CEOs have in common
02:11  not that they went to Ivy League schools
02:13  nor that they were born into wealthy
02:15  families but they exercise every day
02:18  it's about being a stronger version of
02:20  you if shit gets real you know you could
02:22  kill and eat everyone in the room which
02:24  will make you feel more confident by the
02:26  way I'm not suggesting you do this 
02:28  8. Don't follow your passion when a
02:31  luncheon speaker tells people to follow
02:32  their passion it means they're already
02:34  rich the best tax lawyers aren't
02:37  passionate about tax law they're
02:39  passionate about being great at
02:40  something in the accoutrements of being
02:42  the best in your field 9. Ignore the
02:44  myth of balance we've all heard about
02:47  somebody's great at their work
02:48  volunteers at the ASPCA and runs a food
02:50  blog assume you are not this person I
02:53  have a lot of balance in my life now why
02:56  because I worked my ass off in my 20s
02:59  and my 30s it cost me my first marriage
03:01  it cost me my hair and it was worth it
03:04  Finally fight unfair what are you
03:07  willing to do that the majority of
03:08  people around you aren't I'm a professor
03:11  with a decent amount of credibility but
03:13  there are dozens that have more
03:14  credibility I'm a good entrepreneur but
03:16  there are other more successful
03:18  entrepreneurs however there are few
03:20  professor entrepreneurs who are willing
03:22  to put on wigs why do this I'm fighting
03:25  unfair what are you willing to do that
03:27  your colleagues won't -- fight unfair 

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