Tech Review | How Facebook $FB Pays So Little Tax In India (video)

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Tech Review (TR 2018-03-03)--Domain Mondo's weekly review of tech news with commentary, analysis and opinion: Features • 1) How Facebook $FB Pays So Little Tax In India, 2) Twitter Exec On The Future Of Streaming Sports, 3) Investing: The Week: Beware Wall Street's Charging Bull, Investing Notes4)ICYMI Tech News.

1) How Facebook $FB Pays So Little Tax In India

India last year became Facebook’s biggest user base with 241 million accounts, but reported revenue was just 0.2 per cent of its global total. Now the Indian government is targeting US tech giants for a revenue grab. Financial Times (ft.com) video above published Feb 22, 2018:

2)Twitter Exec On The Future Of Streaming Sports

Laura Froelich, Twitter’s global director of sports partnerships, discusses the streaming media landscape among the major sports leagues with CNBC.com’s Eric Chemi.

3) Investing
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The Week--S&P 500--Beware Wall Street's Charging Bull:
Tech Stocks Thumb Nose At Trump Trade War Fears As These 4 Industry Sectors Rock | investors.com March 2, 2018: "Perhaps more importantly, the Nasdaq is finding bullish support at its still-rising 50-day moving average. The market value-weighted index, boosted no doubt by strength in FANG stocks and other tech giants, is up 4.4% year to date."

Trade Wars? Trump tweeted Friday:“When a country (USA) is losing many billions of dollars on trade with virtually every country it does business with, trade wars are good, and easy to win. Example, when we are down $100 billion with a certain country and they get cute, don’t trade anymore-we win big. It’s easy!" German Stocks Crash Near 1-Year Lows On Trade Fears | ZeroHedge.com: "As Bloomberg notes, "the threat of a trade war was always likely to hit the export driven German economy hardest.""
"Don't Try To Make Sense Of This": Major Bank Gives Up On Today's Market | ZeroHedge.com Feb 28, 2018. 
Gartman Stopped Out On Market Short | ZeroHedge.com"... we have been wrong in being short of equities, for there comes a time when the action of the market tells us that we have to admit the error of our ways ... facts make no difference for prices are higher…"

Beware Wall Street's Charging Bull:
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Investing Notes:
  • Deutsche Bank credit strategist Jim Reid"rates and yields will continue to structurally move higher in the quarters and years ahead regardless of any short-term moves, and we hope policymakers won't be derailed by the inevitable macro issues that this will bring."

4) ICYMI Tech News:
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  • Wipeout--Easy Come, Easy Go--Twitter has written down $66.4 million of its $70M SoundCloud investment: "SoundCloud finally secured a Hail Mary deal that included $170 million of new funding from the Raine Group and Singapore’s Temasek in August of 2017. However, that deal came with a corporate restructure that wiped out many of the start-up’s early investors, and ultimately also forced out SoundCloud’s founding CEO Alexander Ljung."--Variety.com.
From the Reuters.com feed:

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