Tech Review: Digital Outdoor Advertising Growth Due To GDPR? (video)

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Tech Review (TR 2018-09-29)--Domain Mondo's weekly review of tech investing news with commentary, analysis and opinion: Features • 1) Digital Outdoor Advertising Growth Due To GDPR? 2) What Is Fintech? 3) Investing: The Week, Investing Notes: US, China, Trump & Trade Tariffs, 4) ICYMI Tech News.

1) Digital Outdoor Advertising is growing steadily, is GDPR one of the reasons?

Digitization of traditional outdoor advertising has contributed to the healthy growth of the "Out of Home" advertising sector, says Aidan Neill, co-founder of bitposter.co. There are other reasons, too, such as the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which became enforceable May 25, 2018. CNBC.com video above published Sep 24, 2018. Other companies mentioned: clearchannel.com and jcdecaux.com.

2) What is fintech? 

What is fintech all about? It’s a multi-billion dollar industry that’s changing everything from how we make purchases to how we get loans.

3) Investing
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The Week: NASDAQ Composite +0.7% | S&P 500 Index -0.5% | DJIA -1.1% 

Q3 2018: S&P 500 posts strongest quarter since 2013.
"Economic progress continues in the United States … the data coming in is some of the strongest we have seen in this cycle ... let’s start with valuation ... [S&P 500] is selling at 17 times earnings, substantially below the peak multiples reached at the end of the last century or in 2007. Using my dividend discount model ... the index is now slightly above equilibrium, or fair value. In terms of sentiment, investors are optimistic, but not as euphoric as they were in January. These factors would argue that the market could move somewhat higher, but that a major surge is unlikely … weak markets elsewhere in the world don’t necessarily have a negative impact on the United States … One of the most important tenets of my current view is that the next recession will probably not occur until after the election in 2020 ..."--Byron Wien, Blackrock.com, Sep 25, 2018.
Wall Street's Charging Bull
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Investing Notes: US, China, Trump & Trade Tariffs

The US and China are in a 'classic game of chicken' says Professor

Professor James Crabtree of the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy explains the political dynamics coming from both the U.S. and China: US consumers are not going to feel any impact from tariffs for quite a long time. CNBC.com video published Sep 24, 2018.

The US has an 'extremely strong economy'

CNBC.com video above published Sep 24, 2018: Todd "Bubba" Horwitz of BubbaTrading.com says the U.S. could "survive without anybody if we had to," and he's not worried about tariffs or Trump's stance on China's theft of intellectual property and unfair treatment of U.S. companies.
4) ICYMI Tech News:
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  • Amazon $AMZN still is the largest cloud provider at 34% market share, but Microsoft $MSFT at 14% share, is ahead of IBM $IBM 8%, Google $GOOGL $GOOG 6%, and Alibaba $BABA 4%, according to Synergy Research Group . Microsoft announced in July a five-year deal with Walmart $WMT to use Microsoft's cloud and AI tech. Microsoft's Intelligent Cloud revenues grew 23% in its fiscal Q4 to $9.61 billion and its Azure cloud business increased by 89%. Microsoft still maintains a strong position as software and hardware provider, while expanding into artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and IoT. Microsoft's acquisitions include LinkedIn and GitHub.
  • Media Madness: Comcast $CMCSA bid $40 billion for control of Sky;  Walt Disney $DIS probably paid too much for parts of Rupert Murdoch’s empire, including a stake in Sky, so selling that stake to Comcast would reduce Disney's debt to better battle streaming rivals like Netflix $NFLX. See Fox and Disney selling stake in Sky to Comcast--TheHill.com.

-- John Poole, Editor, Domain Mondo  

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