YouTube & The Battle For Free Speech (video)

YouTube & The Battle For Free Speech (video)

Economist.com video above published Aug 28, 2018: Over one billion hours of YouTube videos are viewed every day and a new generation of content creators are harnessing the power of the social-media platform, but they're also grappling with issues surrounding censorship and free speech. A new breed of creatives, known as influencers, are the modern broadcasters of the internet age, some as young as four years old, who are streaming their content to millions of viewers.

YouTubers are also increasingly using the platform and global audience to push the boundaries of free speech and promote their own brand of positive values, but not just a western, influencers around the world freely express their opinions.

In places where free speech has been suppressed in the past, freedom of speech comes with its difficulties. Like Facebook, Twitter and other digital platforms, YouTube is forced to grapple with complex decisions about censorship. It aspires to be politically neutral, but doesn't allow hate speech.

The line between free speech and hate speech is a fine one. Without the contest of ideas, the world cannot progress. Influencers like these may be at the heart of our democratic future.

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