Jeff Bezos's Blue Origin Moving Beyond Space Travel (video)

Blue Origin Is Moving Beyond Space Travel

Jeff Bezos's Blue Origin just landed a big military launch contract. Fortune.com video above published Sep 27, 2018. See also Jeff Bezos explains why Blue Origin is 'the most important work I'm doing'--cnbc.com.

Domain: BlueOrigin.com

Blue Origin, LLC is a privately funded aerospace manufacturer and spaceflight services company headquartered in Kent, Washington. Founded in 2000 by Jeff Bezos, the company is developing technologies to enable private human access to space with the goal to dramatically lower costs and increase reliability.
  • Owner & Founder: Jeff Bezos
  • Founded: September 8, 2000
  • Number of employees: 1,500 (2018)
  • Type of business: Privately held company

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