Interview with Fintech Startup WiseAlpha CEO Rezaah Ahmad (video)

Tech Talk: interview with Rezaah Ahmad, WiseAlpha

Rezaah Ahmad, CEO, WiseAlpha, a fixed income platform giving everyday investors and savers access to corporate bonds, talks about disrupting the lending market and why the corporate debt market is ripe for digital innovation. TheBanker.com video above published Oct 8, 2018.

Domain: WiseAlpha.com

Categories: Credit, Financial Services, FinTech
Headquarters: London, England, UK
Founded: Mar 1, 2014
Founder: Rezaah Ahmad
Last Funding Type: Equity Crowdfunding

WiseAlpha is an online investment platform offering its members access via Notes to senior secured loan investments. replacing the substantial costs and complexity of investing in specialist credit funds with a simpler and more cost effective way to invest. Until now, the corporate loan market has remained largely untransformed by technological innovation but WiseAlpha is now making this asset class accessible to a wider investment audience. In order to gain access to this asset class, individual investors usually had to use brokers and/or invest in specialist debt funds which often charged substantial upfront fees and ongoing management and performance fees.

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