Digital Winners & Losers: Instagram, Amazon, Nike, Sears (video)

The Amazon of 1886

L2inc.com video above published Oct 18, 2018: Professor Galloway's on his week's Digital Winners & Losers: Facebook's Instagram, and the company that taught us how to shop just got killed by the company that taught us how to shop online, and more. 

Some say Instagram shamelessly copied Snapchat’s popular Stories feature, nevertheless, Instagram’s simple design appears to be more appealing to users than Snapchat’s sometimes confusing user interface. Facebook acquired Instagram for $1 billion in 2012, and Instagram recently passed the 1 billion monthly active users mark:
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Song: Everybody Wants To Rule The World by Tears For Fears

Transcript (unedited auto-generated):
00:00  a win our Instagram as Facebook
00:04  continues to take gut punches over
00:06  privacy breaches and its aging audience
00:08  the visual platform Instagram remains
00:10  unscathed
00:12  after neutering snapchat and making off
00:14  with its young Instagram is becoming
00:15  Facebook's rising star actually it's
00:18  pretty much already risen and projects
00:20  nine billion dollars in revenue for
00:22  Facebook this year
00:23  flashback Facebook bought in stuff for
00:25  just 1 billion dollars in 2012 and still
00:28  remains probably the best acquisition in
00:30  the history of tech Instagram is now
00:32  responsible for 1/5 of Facebook's
00:35  overall ad revenue and 38% of new ad
00:39  revenue by the end of 2020 Instagram is
00:42  expected to bring home 2/3 of Facebook's
00:45  new ad revenue a winner Amazon and let's
00:49  hope the middle class Amazon has raised
00:51  minimum wage to $15 for all US employees
00:54  and while some employees are complaining
00:57  that without stock awards and certain
00:59  bonuses they're actually making less
01:01  give credit where it's due
01:03  on the whole this is an impressive and a
01:06  smart move as everyone rushes to invest
01:08  in artificial intelligence the real
01:10  gangster move in retail is to invest in
01:13  organic intelligence a hopeful moment
01:16  for the economy and the middle class
01:17  that is largely missed out on the
01:19  incredible productivity gains over the
01:22  last 30 years middle class wages flat
01:24  despite trillions of dollars an
01:26  additional value created almost all of
01:28  it going to the top one or maybe top 10%
01:31  this is not only the right thing to do
01:33  but the smart thing to do is Amazon's
01:34  core asset is access to infinitely cheap
01:37  capital and this forces every other
01:39  competitor to go underwater with a
01:42  smaller tank of oxygen that is access to
01:44  capital and pay their employees the same
01:47  amount but as the labor markets tighten
01:49  this wraps up a key asset their labor
01:52  force and forces everyone else to follow
01:54  rest in peace sears tears for sears our
01:58  worst sears realize anyways iconic
02:00  former largest retailer in america has
02:03  filed for bankruptcy this week Sears
02:05  began as a mail order watch catalog in
02:08  1886 and GU to sell everything from
02:10  bicycles to sewing machine shipping
02:13  catalogs
02:14  nearly every home in the United States
02:16  at the turn of the century Sears taught
02:18  Americans how to shop similar to the way
02:20  Amazon has taught people how to shop
02:21  online millions learned about mail-order
02:23  shipping and return policies through
02:25  their Sears experience the company
02:27  emphasized customer satisfaction above
02:30  all else sound familiar
02:31  since its peak in 2007 Sears has shed 30
02:34  billion dollars in shareholder value and
02:37  200,000 jobs just as Amazon killed
02:39  Borders then opened its own bookstores
02:42  Amazon killed Toys R Us and Sears and is
02:45  mailing out a holiday catalog this
02:47  Christmas I will miss yours as a young
02:49  adult I used to go into the retailer
02:51  find a sales associate and in an
02:53  official sounding voice mutter code for
02:57  and housewares and just see what
02:59  happened and we leave you with a video
03:03  from the brand that probably has the
03:04  most wind at its back right now Nike
03:07  after their genius move endorsing Colin
03:08  Kaepernick helping drive sales and
03:10  increase their stock price Nike is back
03:13  at it they've endorsed 20 year old
03:15  runner Justin Gallegos their first
03:17  professional athlete with cerebral palsy
03:19  so let me preamp some of the comments
03:22  that will claim that this isn't an
03:23  authentic move because it's about
03:24  commercialism and making money the basis
03:27  of capitalism is the notion that as we
03:29  are pursuing economic security for us
03:31  and our families the good things happen
03:34  and this is a very good thing ....

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