Global Carbon Dioxide Emissions: China Is The World's Worst Polluter

source: statista.com
As industrialization and globalization picked up over the past four decades, so has greenhouse gas emissions. China’s share of global carbon dioxide emissions has ballooned from 8 percent of the world’s total in 1980 to 52 percent of the world’s total in 2017.

See http://www.stateair.net/

How the US Embassy Tweeted to Clear Beijing's Air | WIRED.com:
"In 2008, everyone knew Beijing was polluted, but we didn't know how much. That year, the US Embassy in Beijing installed a rooftop air-quality monitor that cost the team about as much as a nice car. The device began automatically tweeting out data every hour to inform US citizens of the pollution’s severity @beijingair [embed below]."

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