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Domain Mondo's weekly internet domain news review (NR 2019-01-13 with analysis and opinion: Features •  1)  ICANN EPDP Face-to-Face Meeting Jan 16-18  2) Other ICANN news: a. ICANN correspondence re: GDPR and .COMb. new gTLD .AMAZON, 3) Names, Domains & TMs: a. Global DNS Hijacking, b.New gTLDs review and 2019 predictions4) ICYMI: China & Censorship, Net Neutrality, Cybersecurity, Election Security, 5) Most Read.

1) ICANN EPDP Face-to-Face (F2F) Meeting, Toronto, Jan 16-18
EPDP F2F Meeting Wiki Page* Jan 16-18:  Toronto's time zone is EST. Agenda embed below--note that Friday's session will reportedly begin early at 7:30am EST:

Observers may use Adobe Connect, or audiocast via browser / app. Links: EPDP Initial Report (pdf); comments to the Initial Report; Public Comment Review Tool PCRT; GNSO Council EPDP page and updates; links to EPDP meeting transcripts and recordings are on the GNSO calendar. Other EPDP links: wiki; mail list; action items; Temp Spec; EPDP Charter (pdf); Data Elements Workbooks (pdf), packet (pdf) of small team agreements.

UPDATES: F2F Day 1 (Jan 16) notes and action items (pdf); ICANN memo re Independent Controllership (pdf) discussed Thursday, Jan 17, 2019, at 4pm EST at the Toronto F2F, by counsel for ICANN org. F2F Day 2 (Jan 17) notes and action items (pdf), F2F Day 3 (Jan 18) notes and action items (pdf).

*On Saturday, Jan 12, ICANN staff sent a survey to EPDP members--"in order to help inform the EPDP Team Leadership's development of the agenda for the F2F meeting in Toronto" asking each "group" to "voluntarily rank the different purposes and recommendations ... currently slated for EPDP Team review,"--excerpt below:
Please rank in order of priority for discussion at the F2F meeting (with #1 being the most important topic to be addressed F2F)
  • Purpose 1 - Establish the rights of a Registered Name Holder
  • Purpose 2 - Maintaining SSR through enabling of lawful access
  • Purpose 7 - Registry Validation Requirements
  • Recommendation #2 - Commitment to consider a system for Standardized Access to non-public Registration Data
  • Recommendation #3 - Requirements related to accuracy
  • Recommendation #4 - Data elements to be collected by Registrars (incl. Question #2) (Data Elements Workbooks)
  • Recommendation #5 - Data elements to be transferred from Registrars to Registries
  • Recommendation #7 - Contractual Compliance
  • Recommendation #8 - Redaction (Consent)
  • Recommendation #9 - Organization field
  • Recommendation #10 - Email communication
  • Recommendation #11 - Data retention
  • Recommendation #12 - Reasonable access
  • Recommendation #13 - Controller Agreement
  • Recommendation #14 - Responsible parties
  • Question 3 - Geo/Legal vs. Natural
  • Additional purposes suggested.

EPDP Highlights week ending Friday Jan 11, 2019:
  • ICANN org "retained the law firm of Bird & Bird [twobirds.com] as an additional expert to help advise on GDPR matters, including advising the EPDP Team ... The engagement will be led by Ruth Boardman ..." --source: legal mail list Jan 10, 2019.
  • Thomas Rickert (Attorney - ISPCP) email Jan 11, 2019: "Given the time constraints we are under, I think it would make sense to have someone from Bird & Bird on the ground in Toronto to coach us as needed. Not sure this is asked for too much, but I think we would hugely benefit from that, be able to sit with the advisor in personal talks to answer questions and also to avoid that we build mistakes into our revisions of the report. That could expedite our journey towards a final report and hopefully consensus."
  • Small Teams' Conclusions (pdf) (meetings Jan 8-10), via EPDP Chair email Jan 12, 2019.
  • Marc Anderson (Verisign - RySG) email Jan 10, 2019: "Given that we are in the middle of our review of public comments and still have the face to face meeting next week, I feel somewhat bad asking this, however February 1st is 3 weeks from tomorrow. Given the timeline, I'm requesting an initial draft of the final report for working group members to begin to review and provide feedback on. The initial report was very much written for its intended purpose of updating the community on the progress we have made and soliciting input on the issues we are grappling with so I'm assuming some amount of rework will be necessary. I'm also mindful that the bar of consensus on final (phase 1) policy recommendations to the GNSO council is higher that of good enough for the initial report. The sooner we can see the draft and start working against that the better and more likely we are to meet our timelines."
  • Stephanie Perrin (NCSG Chair) email Jan 10, 2019: "I totally support this request" [request above from Marc Anderson].
More info in last week's News Review | ICANN EPDP Timeline: Final Report Due Feb 1, 2019.

2) Other ICANN News
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a. ICANN Correspondence:
07 Jan 2019 Letter from ICANN CEO Göran Marby to Laura Flannery (pdf) (see above) re: ICANN Contractual Compliance Data Processing Activities and the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). See also Letter from Laura Flannery (pdf) and Letter from Göran Marby (pdf) to Helen Dixon and Willem Debeuckelaere.

08 Jan 2019 Letter from ICANN GDD VP Cyrus Namazi to Zak Muscovitch (pdf) (below) re: NTIA and the .COM Registry Agreement:
See also 16 Nov 2018 Letter from Zak Muscovitch to Göran Marby, Cyrus Namazi, and the ICANN Board (pdf). Editor's noteNeither Verisign $VRSN Nor ICANN Owns gTLD .COM a Global Public Resource RFC1591.

b. New gTLD .AMAZON: Recommendation (pdf) Of The Board Accountability Mechanisms
Committee (BAMC) Reconsideration Request 18-10, 21 December 2018:
"BAMC acknowledges that Request 18-10 reflects a difference in interpretation by the Requestor of the Resolution, and thus, the BAMC recommends that the Board reiterates that the Resolution was taken with the clear intention to grant the President and CEO the authority to progress the facilitation process between the ACTO member states and the Amazon corporation with the goal of helping the involved parties reach a mutually agreed solution, but in the event they are unable to do so the Board will make a decision at ICANN 64 on the next steps regarding the potential delegation of .AMAZON and related top-level domains." (p. 5 of 27 pages).

3) Names, Domains & Trademarks
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a. Global DNS Hijacking Campaign: DNS Record Manipulation at Scale--fireeye.com"affected dozens of domains belonging to government, telecommunications and internet infrastructure entities across the Middle East and North Africa, Europe and North America. While we do not currently link this activity to any tracked group, initial research suggests the actor or actors responsible have a nexus to Iran."

b. New gTLDs review and 2019 predictions: 
  • "My First Ever Review of all Top 10 New GTLD’s. PLUS The List of 350++ New GTLD extensions that will go BYE BYE!! The Birdie in the Mine is DEAD!!"--ricksblog.com 5 Jan 2019.
  • "A prediction: new TLD registrations will drop in 2019"--domainnamewire.com 9 Jan 2019.

4) ICYMI Internet Domain News 
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China's year of censorship--theguardian.com. See also: Twitter Users in China Face Detention and Threats in New Beijing Crackdown--NYTimes.com.

Net Neutrality: FCC Chairman Pai Statement on Failure of CRA Attempting to Overturn FCC's Restoring Internet Freedom Order--fcc.gov.

Cybersecurity: National Counterintelligence And Security Center (US) Launches Campaign To Help Private Industry Guard Against Threats From Nation State Actors--dni.gov.

Election Security: Democrats in Alabama's US Senate Election Used Russia-Style 'False Flag' Facebook Ad Campaign Against the Republican Candidate--zerohedge.com.

5) Most Read this past week on DomainMondo.com: 
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