Startup What3Words Global Geocoding System of 3 Square Metres

An Address for Every Place on Earth

Freethink.com video above published Dec 28, 2018: "We take addresses for granted - but billions of people and places don’t have them, and it’s a big problem. Whether it’s voting, disaster relief, or pinpointing a spot on festival grounds, not having an address makes things that should be simple difficult. Enter Chris Sheldrick, who coordinated events in the music industry where he was frustrated by address-related problems. He created What3Words, a method of dividing the entire world into 3 meter-by-3 meter squares using a set of three common words as addresses. It’s being used everywhere from Mongolia to South Africa for everything from emergency services to pizza delivery. In this interview, Chris Sheldrick describes the problem, how he came up with the idea, and how you can find ways to change the world on your own."
what3words is the simplest way to talk about location. It has divided the world into a grid of 3m x 3m squares, each with a unique address made from 3 words. Now people can refer to any precise location – a delivery entrance, a picnic spot or a drone landing point – using three simple words. what3words is helping improve businesses around the world, and paving the way for social and economic progress in developing nations. It can be used via the free mobile app or online map. what3words can also be built into any other app, platform or website, with just a few lines of code.--what3words.com

Many places lack a system for addresses. What3Words’ solution is to give every spot a three-word designation. Featured in the Sept. 3, 2018 issue of Bloomberg Businessweek.

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