Good Domain Names for Business "end with .com"

Nice article by JJ Rosen (founder of Atiba) in The Tennessean about domain names and domain name investing (at link below, excerpt follows):

Domain names still have lots of value: ".... "Good" domains for businesses are usually short, with no dashes, easy to spell, end with .com [dot com] and are easy to build a brand around [brandable]. Obtaining a good one that customers will remember can make or break a product or company. In today's world, a domain is the main component of a brand. It's golden. The value of the domain name has in effect created a new currency. Owning a desirable domain name is like holding a piece of land in an up-and-coming neighborhood. If bought at the right time and right price — then sold at the right time — it can turn out to be a great investment... Every investment has its risks, and the buying and selling of domain names is no exception. Brand new domain names are cheap but rarely have much value. Existing domain names are expensive and there is no efficient public market like a typical stock exchange to help establish a fair price... Domains are generally long-term buy-and-hold investments that are relatively illiquid compared to stocks and bonds... (emphasis added, read more at link above)

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