Internet, ICANN, US Government, 7 Keys (video)

ICANN and the 7 Keys to the Internet | LeakSource: ".... Both the US Commerce Department and the [U.S.] Department of Homeland Security take a close interest, to differing degrees, in ICANN’s operations. In the wake of the ongoing revelations of NSA spying, and of undermined internet security, this does not sit well with many of ICANN’s overseas partners. Some, including Russia and Brazil – whose president has made such demands very public – are calling for a complete overhaul of how the internet is run, suggesting it should be put under UN auspices. The question of who put ICANN in charge is hotly contested... Eklund Löwinder, the Swedish keyholder who vacuumed the day before, puts it more bluntly. “Well, mainly, it was the US Department of Commerce,” she says. The European Commission wants changes to this system, though it still expresses its faith in ICANN; the EU recently called for a “clear timeline for the globalisation of ICANN”..."

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