New gTLDs Cause ICANN To Appoint Chief Contract Compliance Officer

As we have all come to expect, ICANN apparently didn't consider the fact that in unleashing over 1300 new gTLDs upon the unsuspecting global internet population, there might be abuses, problems, and issues of "contract compliance"--but fear not, ICANN rushed out a press release today announcing appointment of a "Chief Contract Compliance Officer"--better late than never--

ICANN: "12 Oct 2014
Los Angeles, California…The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) today announced the appointment of Allen Grogan as Chief Contract Compliance Officer, overseeing Contract Compliance and Safeguards. In his new position Grogan will report directly to President and Chief Executive Officer Fadi Chehadé, and he becomes a member of ICANN's Global Leadership Team.... "Expanding the domain name space as we are doing through the New gTLD Program requires that we continue to align our operational capabilities with the demands imposed by 1300 new Registry Agreements," said ICANN President and CEO Fadi Chehadé...."

domainmondo.com: ICANN, new gTLD domain names, and the Law of Bad Ideas: ".... Corollary One: Left alone, bad ideas get worse over time. [It is happening right before our eyes -- and just keep watching this new gTLDs program and ALL of its unintended consequences--including things ICANN didn't even consider or even think about before imposing its disaster on the global multistakeholder community.]..."

More costs, complexities, and confusion--all due to ICANN's misguided decision to explode the Internet with over 1300 new gTLDS (generic Top-Level Domain Names) from just 22. Bad ideas only get worse over time.

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