Multi-Stakeholder Community Losing Faith In ICANN, Beginning of the End?

The Beginning of the End for ICANN?

"Is the ICANN multi-stakeholder community losing faith in ICANN? It might be the case and someone in the cyclopean ICANN structure might have started to perceive it." -- LA Confidential – ICANN 51 meeting | CENTR (Council of European National Top Level Domain Registries) (read more at the link)

John Gilmore saw this coming over twelve years ago:

It’s time for ICANN to go - Salon.com--July 2, 2002 : "....Critics from across the political spectrum have claimed for years that ICANN is secretive, slow, inefficient and, worst of all, firmly in the pocket of special interests. But in recent weeks, the rhetoric has gone up a notch. Suddenly, ICANN is at a crossroads...."If we are lucky, the current ICANN will be scrapped as a failed experiment. Its assets and powers will be handed on to some new experiment, hopefully with transparency, openness, accountability and respect for human rights built in deeply, not only in its corporate structure but in the people who we elect and hire to run it."(John Gilmore)...." (read more at link above)

Recommended reading: CENTR report on ICANN 51: centr-report-icann51-20141017.pdf  Excerpt: "Staffan Jonson provided an update on the ITU plenipotentiary meeting in Busan. Staffan highlighted the draft resolution 102 as having the possibility to affect the naming and addressing community. Sam added that three proposals are problematic. Some proposal changed the resolutions from “ITU being an enabler to discuss naming issues” to “ITU being the platform for governments to discuss naming issues”. For an excellent update on accountability and the different groups that will be dealing with read Jordan Carter's (pdf). Martin Boyle gave a good of the work and plans of the ICG, including timelines (pdf)."

See also: The future health of the internet comes down to ONE simple question--Can ICANN be forced to agree to oversight of its decisions? by Kieren McCarthy, The Register

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