Future of the Web, W3C20 Event LIVE, Tim Berners-Lee

W3C20 Anniversary Symposium "Future of the Web" LIVE from Santa Clara, California 
Wed 29 Oct 2014 3:00-6:00 PM PDT (US) Time Conversion

3:00–3:05 pm Welcome and Introductions: Jeff Jaffe, W3C CEO

3:05–5:05 pm Featured Speakers:
Vint Cerf - A Long Term View of the World Wide Web
David-Michel Davies - Forging the Big and Beautiful Web
Anders Wahlquist - Stories Empower, and We Power Stories
Di-Ann Eisnor - Solving Problems Together: Beyond Crowdsourcing toward Mass Participation
Moh Haghighat - Bringing the Full Power of Modern Hardware to the Open Web Platform
Alex 'Sandy' Pentland - Toward A Sustainable Digital Ecology
Sue Gardner - Love the Mess: Keeping a Human Perspective on Massively Collaborative Systems
Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel - Access for All

5:05–5:40 pm Panel and Discussion: “The Future of the Web and How it is Run”
Lee Rainie (Moderator)
Fadi Chehadé
Jun Murai
Darren Walker

5:40–6:00 pm Closing Talk: Tim Berners-Lee, Web Inventor and W3C Director

see also: webat25.org

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