IGF 2015 Concludes Friday: Info, Schedule, Livestreams, Transcripts

The Internet Governance Forum 2015 #IGF2015 concludes Friday in João Pessoa, Brazil
#IGF2015 Schedule for Friday, 13 Nov 2015 (all times are local, João Pessoa, Brazil):
Date / Time (24hr) in João Pessoa:

WS 147 A network of virtual working spaces for Internet Governance?
WS 72 IANA functions transition:A New Era in Internet Governance?
WS 201 Ensuring sustainability for IXPs in the developing world
WS 48 Internet of Things. Ethical Considerations for the Digital Age
WS 135 National and Transnational Internet Governance: Jurisdiction
WS 82 IGF beyond 2015: Extend mandate, strengthen institution
WS 253 Empowering the next billion by improving accessibility
WS 224 Information Controls in the Global South
Main Session on Dynamic Coalitions
WS 79 Zero Rating, Open Internet and Freedom of Expression

WS 235 Results from the First Deliberative Poll @ IGF
Open Forum - OECD

WS 132 Transnational Due Process: A Case Study in MS Cooperation
WS 178 Beyond the tipping point: SID in the global South
WS 242 The Manila Principles on Intermediary Liability
Open Forum - European Broadcasting Union in partnership with EuroDIG organizer
Open Forum - Government of Paraguay, National ICT Ministry
WS 186 A multistakeholder and humanrights approach to cybersecurity
WS 54 The Destabilization of Internet Governance
WS 119 Democracy 3.0: Representation & the Multistakeholder Model
WS 136 Through the Looking Glass: enhanced cooperation in LAC
WS 191 Engaging youth in a multistakeholderism practicum
Human Rights on the Internet

WS 154 Connect 2020 Agenda Implementation: Challenges/opportunities
Open Forum - IEEE
Open Forum - Internet Number Community
Open Forum - UNESCO

WS 134 Organising an Internet Social Forum - Occupy the Internet
WS 244 Digital Bootcamp: Play. Collaborate. Change the World.
WS 80 Bottom-up Meets Top-down: When Governance Systems Intersect
WS 58 OERs: Can they bridge the digital divide gap?
WS 172 Cybersecurity, human rights and Internet business triangle
WS 97 How to Bridge the Global Internet Economy Divide?
WS 10 FOSS & a Free, Open Internet: Synergies for Development
WS 223 Community Networks: a Revolutionary Paradigm
The NETmundial Statement and the Evolution of the Internet Governance Ecosystem

14:30 Open Forum - European Comission/Global Internet Policy Observatory (GIPO)
15:00 Dynamic Coalition on Blockchain Technologies
16:30 Open Microphone & Taking Stock
17:00 Closing Ceremony



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