Investors Flee Neustar, $NSR Stock Down 19% in Five Trading Days

John Tuld: So, what you're telling me, is that the music is about to stop, and we're going to be left holding the biggest bag of odorous excrement ever assembled in the history of capitalism ....
Sam Rogers: You are panicking.
John Tuld: If you're first out the door, that's not called panicking. - Margin Call (2011)

UPDATE Dec 10, 2015Caveat Emptor: Neustar MarketShare Acquisition, 2016 $NSR Guidance

UPDATE Nov 13, 2015: The bears continue to maul Neustar (NYSE:NSR), $NSR stock now down 23% in just 6 trading days--Nov 6-13, 2015--closing today at $22.90  -1.07 (4.46%), on even heavier volume than yesterday: 1.36 million shares. See chart below:
Neustar (NYSE: NSR) stock chart for Nov 13, 2015
Above: Neustar (NYSE: NSR) stock chart for Nov 13, 2015 (source: google.com)
Neustar $NSR 5-day stock chart
Neustar $NSR 5-day stock chart above (source: google.com)
Neustar (NYSE:NSR) Thursday, 12 Nov 2015 Closing Price: $23.97  -$0.82  -3.31%
Share Volume: 1,120,000 on Thursday, Nov 12, 2015 (source: NYSE)
90 Day Avg. Daily Volume: 626,257
Market cap: $1.27B
Principal domain name: neustar.biz

It's been a rough ride for technology company and Domain Name Registry (.biz, .co, .us, .nyc, et al), Neustar, and its shareholders, since last Friday. The stock is now down over 19% in just 5 trading days, as the above indicates. For more information and background, see previous posts on Domain Mondo at links further below.

"Since our previous article detailing how NeuStar (NYSE:NSR) is unlikely to survive without its NPAC contract, management has strengthened the bear case once again by making a rather costly acquisition and increasing leverage significantly, while canceling its share repurchase scheme ... Clearly, the company is extremely cash strapped as they were forced to cancel their $150M share repurchase program after only spending ~$102M ... Recall that management announced this share repurchase programme on the same day that they confirmed the loss of the NPAC contract. (The termination of the share repurchase was only announced through a passing remark in the conference call. There was no press release)."--John Zhang, Seeking Alpha, Nov. 9, 2015 (emphasis added)(note: Zhang is short $NSR)

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