52% of Global Growth 2014-16 from China and US; India 3rd at 6.5%

Courtesy of: Visual Capitalist

Chart above: 52% of Global Growth 2014-16 from China (30.3%) + US (21.7%), followed by:
India (6.5%)
UK (3.1%)
Germany (2.7%)
Indonesia (2.2%)
South Korea (2.0%)
Australia (2.0%)
Canada (1.9%)
Japan (1.6%)
Mexico (1.6%)
Nigeria (1.3%)
France (1.2%)
Turkey (1.2%)
Spain (1.2%)
Saudi Arabia (1.0%)
with the remaining 18.5% from Others.

In an analysis conducted by the Boston Consulting Group, 52% of all global growth between 2014-2016 can be attributed to China and the United States. While China may be slowing and U.S. growth isn’t what it used to be, these two economies still dominate due to sheer size and impact. While India is contributing 6.5% of global growth during this time period, Russia has struggled since oil prices collapsed, and is negatively impacting global growth by contracting -1.3% through 2016. The remaining BRIC, Brazil, has flatlined and is contributing 0.0% to world economic growth in the same timeframe.


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