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Infographic: Facebook's Growth Is Entirely Fueled by Mobile Ads | Statista

Above Chart: Facebook's Growth Is Entirely Fueled by Mobile Ads | Statista: Facebook's strong mobile advertising business enabled the social network to beat expectations on both the top and the bottom line in its third quarter earnings report. Revenue increased 41 percent to $4.5 billion as net income grew by 11 percent to reach $896 million. The profit increase could have been even bigger, had Facebook not doubled its R&D expenditure compared to last year's third quarter. When Facebook started selling mobile advertising in 2012, not even the most optimistic could have predicted how successful this decision would be. In each of the past eleven quarters, mobile ads have accounted for more then 90% of Facebook's revenue growth. For the first nine months of 2015, all of the company's growth came from advertising on tablets and smartphones. Mobile ad revenue now accounts for 78 percent of Facebook's advertising revenue and 74 percent of total revenue. Facebook has 894 million mobile users on an average day. (Nov 5, 2015)

Facebook as a platform for business and domain names:
Millions of businesses use Facebook as their primary web presence (instead of a stand-alone website) or as an ancillary web presence to their main website, For more info: How to Use Facebook for Business Marketing | Facebook for Business. Even for businesses using Facebook as their primary web presence, one or more domain names can be useful as identifiers for your business and can be pointed (URL redirect) to your Facebook page. GoDaddy has an easy tutorial how to do this for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn hereNamecheap also provides easy URL redirect without charge. Caveat: not all Registrars provide this capability to registrants or may charge extra for this.
  • Principal domain name: facebook.com
  • Investor Relations: investor.fb.com
  • Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) went public (IPO) on Friday, May 18, 2012 (Wikipedia): At closing bell, shares were valued at $38.23, only $0.23 above the IPO price and down $3.82 from the opening bell value. The opening was widely described by the financial press as a disappointment. Despite technical problems and a relatively low closing value, the stock set a new record for trading volume of an IPO (460 million shares).
Facebook stock chart
Facebook stock chart (source: google.com)
Facebook's history with Domain Names:
Mark Zuckerberg originally used the domain name FaceMash.com, and subsequently developed, in 2004, what is now known as "Facebook" using the domain name thefacebook.com. In 2005, the domain name facebook.com was purchased for $200,000, and "the" dropped from the business and brand name. On November 15, 2010, Facebook announced it had acquired the domain name fb.com from the American Farm Bureau Federation and it subsequently was disclosed the purchase price was $8.5 million, one of the ten highest domain sales in history at that time. However, don't go looking for dotFACEBOOK among ICANN's new gTLDs--Facebook (like many others) did not file any application for a new gTLD.


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