Verisign's Keith Drazek: GNSO, IANA, ICANN, WHOIS, New gTLDs (videos)

Video above: Verisign's Keith Drazek reflects on his forthcoming term on the GNSO Council, his experience within ICANN including his previous experience on the ccNSO Council, as well as WHOIS policy, and the new gTLDs Reviews. (source: ICANN; Published on Oct 30, 2015)

Video below: Keith Drazek discusses his representation of the gTLD Registries on the IANA Stewardship Transition Coordination Group (ICG) during the group’s first meeting in London, 17-18 July 2014. Topics mentioned include Verisign's Role as Root Zone Maintainer as well as Registry operator for .COM and .NET. (source: ICANN; Published on Jul 25, 2014)

Keith Drazek is Vice President of Public Policy and Government Relations at Verisign, Inc., operator of the .COM and .NET domain name registries, Internet Root Zone Maintainer pursuant to an agreement with the US Department of Commerce (NTIA), as well as operator of  two of the world's 13 Internet root servers. Keith has been active in the ICANN community for more than a decade, including his most recent role as Chair of ICANN’s GNSO Registry Stakeholder Group. Prior to joining Verisign in 2010, he worked for ten years at the U.S. Department of State, and ten years in the domain name industry - 2 years at a registrar and 8 years at a registry (Neustar). His experience in the domain name industry includes business development, channel management, government relations, external affairs, and Internet policy development. He studied International Relations at George Washington University in Washington, DC. (primary source: ianacg.org)

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