President Xi Jinping of China, World Internet Conference Keynote (video)

President Xi Jinping of China, Keynote at World Internet Conference (video above, published Dec 15, 2015) - President Xi Jinping talked about cybersecurity and Internet governance in his speech, and specificaly called for new rules to govern the international cyberspace -- rules that are “multi-lateral, democratic and transparent.” He stated there shouldn't be any interference in another country’s internal affairs, or engagements that might damage national security. The Chinese president called for all countries and regions to improve their dialogue mechanisms for creating global Internet governance rules that are more reasonable, equitable, and reflect the will and interests of most countries.”

2nd World Internet Conference_CCTV.com English: "The 2nd World Internet Conference covered issues such as the spread of internet culture, innovative development of the Internet, digital economy cooperation, internet technological standards and cyber governance."

"Building a Cyberspace Community of Shared Destiny" Published on Dec 9, 2015

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