Downside of FED Rate Hike: Dollar Strength vs Global Growth (videos)

Dollar strength destroying global growth | FT Markets - The strong dollar is destroying global growth, says Michael Power, strategist with Investec Asset Management. He explains to EM Squared editor Jonathan Wheatley why the IMF's way of measuring growth using purchasing power parity is out of touch with the real economy. Published on Nov 18, 2015

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Emerging currency pressures | Authers' Note - John Authers on emerging market currencies as everyone prepares for higher rates from the Federal Reserve. [Published Dec 10, 2015, by the Financial Times.]

US Federal Reserve FOMC is expected to announce its decision Wednesday, December 16, 2015. Last week traders were placing an 80 percent probability that the Federal Reserve will raise rates (which has not happened since June 2006, according to data compiled by Bloomberg). Even Jeffrey Gundlach, CEO of LA-based DoubleLine Capital (doubleline.com), which has about $80 billion under management, indicated during a webcast last Tuesday that the US Federal Reserve FOMC appears “hell-bent” on a rate hike despite weak economic signals such as gross domestic product.


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