Alibaba's UC Browser: Mobile Internet Gateway to China, India, Indonesia

Source: StatCounter Global Stats - Browser Market Share

UCWeb: UCWeb Inc. (also known as UC Mobile) is a Chinese mobile Internet company that offers products and services including mobile browser and search. Its flagship product, the UC Browser, topped the China, Indonesia and India markets in 2013.

"In June 2014, UCWeb was acquired by Alibaba Group in the largest Chinese Internet merger deal through which UCWeb will form the Alibaba UC mobile business group by assimilating and consolidating part of mobile-related businesses within the Alibaba Group. After the merger, under the leadership of Yu Yongfu, chief executive of UCWeb since 2006, the Alibaba UC mobile business group will oversee the browser, search, location-based service, app store, mobile gaming and mobile reader operations" (Wikipedia)

Domain name: ucweb.com

"Alibaba's (NYSE:BABAUCWeb has seen significant market share gain over the past year when BABA acquired the asset ... UCWeb leads India's mobile browser market share with 54% and Indonesia's mobile browser share with 49% ... a solid foundation for BABA to expand its e-commerce presence ... UC Browser's popularity is driven by its speed and ease of access to local content and services that is similar to user preference towards Chrome over Internet Explorer in North America. As a one-stop mobile gateway, UC Browser provides users with a convenient access to various mobile and local services, thereby creating a sticky user experience for its 100m daily active users. With a leading position in China, India, Indonesia and Pakistan, UCWeb is positioned to capture significant growth opportunities in emerging markets as mobile internet takes off." Source: Alibaba: Owning The Mobile Internet Gateway - Alibaba Group Holding Limited (NYSE:BABA) | Seeking Alpha (emphasis added)


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