Return to Normality? FED Set To Raise Rates for First Time Since 2006

UPDATE: DomainMondo.com: Breaking: FED FOMC Rate Hike of 0.25, Press Conference 2:30 pm EST

A world of central bank divergence | Analysis Review (video above) - The European Central Bank has eased monetary policy while the US Federal Reserve is widely expected to tighten interest rates. The FT’s Martin Wolf and JPMorgan Asset Management’s Stephanie Flanders discuss the implications with Frederick Studemann. Published Dec 10, 2015, by the Financial Times.

On Wednesday, the second day of its FOMC Meeting (15-16 Dec 2015), we will find out (Press Conference 2pm EST) if the U.S. Federal Reserve will finally raise interest rates (for the first time since 2006).

Below: tweets about fed interest rate increase and tweets by @federalreserve:

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Fed's Historic Liftoff and Everything After: Decision Day Guide - Bloomberg Business"... what to look for when the Federal Open Market Committee releases its policy statement at 2 p.m. Wednesday following a two-day meeting in Washington. Economists and traders expect the first interest rate increase since 2006, marking the beginning of the end for the unprecedented era of easy monetary policy. The move would come at a time when a commodity slump is causing the market for high-yield bonds to gyrate, sending tremors through financial conditions indexes and spreading unease across trading desks..."

Note:  Press release and press conference | Wednesday afternoon, December 16, 2015.

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