Could The CIA Have Stopped The 9/11 Hijackers? New Yorker New Media

The New Yorker's Digital Media Experiment, Reinventing the News Magazine Format (video):
THE AGENT - In a short documentary directed by Alex Gibney, Lawrence Wright and others discuss what the C.I.A. knew about the 9/11 hijackers—before 9/11. Released on 2/16/2016. Producer: The New Yorker Presents

The New Yorker on Amazon Isn't Just TV. It's a Whole New Kind of Magazine: "...“It’s not a re-creation of the magazine itself, but a step in the direction of a reinvention of the news magazine format,” says Kahane Cooperman, the executive producer and showrunner of The New Yorker Presents. For Amazon and The New Yorker, the show is something of an experiment. It could attract new readers to The New Yorker and draw them into the magazine’s rich history. And Amazon gains the cachet of working with one of the most venerable names in publishing. Yes, The New Yorker Presents might not have the broad appeal of, say, Amazon’s critical hit Transparent or The Man in the High Castle. But The New Yorker has rarely tried to be anything other than its best self. Instead, the series shows how the risk of a traditional player entering a new medium (The New Yorker on TV) and of a newcomer entering a more traditional genre (Amazon in unscripted television) can create a new opportunity for both..." source: WIRED

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