Goldman Sachs President: 'Massive Revaluation' in Tech Valuations (video)

Goldman Sachs President: We're Seeing a 'Massive Revaluation' in Tech - Gary Cohn, Goldman Sachs President and Chief Operating Officer, discusses the state of the IPO market with Bloomberg's Emily Chang on "Bloomberg Markets" (Feb 9, 2016).

Those affected include entrepreneurs, startups, VCs, venture capital investors, IPOs, stock markets, and all investors. But also watch the video below:

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Apple, Unicorns and the Future of the Tech Industry: Joe Lonsdale, co-founder at Palantir Technologies (domain: palantir.com), and founding partner at 8VC, examines the fight between the FBI and Apple over encryption and what’s coming next in technology and tech valuations. He speaks on "Bloomberg ‹GO›." (Source: Bloomberg, March 23, 2016)

Palantir Technologies, Inc. is a private American software and services company, specializing in data analysis. Founded in 2004, Palantir's original clients were federal agencies of the United States Intelligence Community. (source: Wikipedia)


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