ICANN President & CEO Fadi Chehade's Last Letter to Dilma Rousseff

UPDATE: Flashback--
"... And then there is dysfunctional ICANN mission drift--one would think with the on-going roll-out (and concurrent problems) of the largest expansion of the domain name system in history, as well as the multiple on-going processes concerning ICANN accountability and the IANA transition, that the ICANN CEO would have more than enough on his plate, but no, he has been spending his time (and hundreds of thousands of dollars from ICANN's budget) trying to "force" or "beg" the global internet community to join his ill-conceived, top-down, unwanted, unneeded idea for another global internet organization--the so-called NETmundial Initiative, not to be confused with the original NETmundial Conference held in Brazil--The Register: "ICANN has been criticized for its efforts to control conversations over internet governance while at the same time claiming to be open. The creation of the NetMundial conference earlier this year and its sister astroturf * organization, 1Net, was bankrolled by ICANN. It then used its clout to controversially change a key recommendation of the conference at the last minute. Some months after that conference, ICANN was again criticized when it announced out of the blue that it was partnering with the World Economic Forum to create the namesake "NetMundial Initiative"."). *“Astroturfing” is the practice of hiring a third­ party group to advocate for an issue, falsely giving the impression that the effort is a “grassroots,” bottom­up initiative ..." --17 December 2014 ICANN, Dysfunctional, Sick Organizational Culture, Warped Values | DomainMondo.com

No wonder ICANN refuses to disclose its spending outside the United States to influence governments, governmental officials, or others--corrupt or otherwise--see How ICANN and ICANN CEO Fadi ChehadĂ© Evade Accountability | DomainMondo.com.
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Two Days ago, Domain Mondo published Brazil Insulted by ICANN President & CEO Fadi Chehade Farewell Letter, which incuded an excerpt from Fadi's Farewell Letter to the ICANN Board of Directors and the March 9th retort by the Brazilian Ambassador at ICANN55, in Marrakech, Morocco, together with Fadi's reply. Below is a March 12th letter from the (now) former ICANN President and CEO to the President of Brazil, subsequently published on the ICANN website (pdf), embedded below:

Unfortunately the "partnership" which Fadi says in his letter started on October 10, 2013--"a key turning point in digital geopolitics"--has taken a turn for the worse, see first link above, and NETmundial Initiative, WEF and ICANN Withdrawal, Consequences | DomainMondo.com.

And unfortunately for Presidenta Dilma Rousseff, apart from any issue involving ICANN or internet governance, things have deteriorated dramatically, see:


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