Three Business Lessons You Can Learn From Airbnb (video)

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Three Business Lessons You Can Learn From Airbnb:

Fortune.com's Leigh Gallagher explains the three business lessons you can learn from Airbnb. Video above published Dec 22, 2016.

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YouTube auto-generated transcript:
0:00  Airbnb is a disruptive force it is an
0:05  emblem of the new economy it is a 30
0:07  billion-dollar tech giant and it has had
0:12  a hundred forty million guests arrivals
0:13  it's a force but it wasn't always that
0:15  big there was a time when it was very
0:16  small and it wasn't that long ago that
0:18  it started the experience with these
0:20  three co-founders had and coming up with
0:22  this idea and getting it off the ground
0:24  has many twists and turns many lessons
0:27  learned
0:28  I found this journey very interesting
0:29  interesting enough to write a book about
0:31  the company called the Airbnb story but
0:33  in this story and in this company's
0:35  experience there are lessons for
0:36  companies of all kinds and all sizes
0:39  lesson number one company's internal
0:41  mission can also be its external tagline
0:44  the company went through this big
0:45  journey to find its current tagline
0:48  which is belong anywhere at the time the
0:50  company had just hired a new global head
0:52  of community Douglas Aiken and Brian
0:55  Chesky for sodium hey your brand I go
0:57  find our brand and he said well I think
0:59  it's better if we just find our purpose
1:00  and he went on this sort of global
1:03  odyssey interviewing 500 people in the
1:06  Airbnb community meeting people who
1:08  hosts on the site people who travel and
1:10  use the Site came to this idea of
1:12  belonging when you use airbnb you can
1:14  belong anywhere lesson to persevere and
1:17  not listen to critics and this really
1:19  applies to when you're getting an idea
1:21  off the ground
1:22  everyone said no to them or thought this
1:25  was a crazy idea it would never get off
1:27  the ground through hustle and
1:29  perseverance they were able to just keep
1:30  at it and prove everybody wrong lesson
1:33  number three how many need not be the
1:35  first at what it does to be disruptive
1:38  and transformative many many companies
1:41  existed before there was airbnb that
1:43  did basically the same kind of thing
1:46  there was homeaway.com there was vrbo
1:48  but everybody did it in a completely
1:50  novel way it wasn't just the idea for
1:53  the product was a combination of the
1:55  timing it was the great recession
1:57  making people really look for a cheaper
2:00  way to travel and for people to make
2:01  money off of their homes the fact that
2:03  the interface was incredibly
2:05  user-friendly and contained everything
2:07  in one place and the fact that it took
2:10  off with Millennials because it was
2:11  largely an urban phenomenon in the
2:12  beginning and so all of these elements
2:14  combined are what made it be disruptive
2:17  force that it is today

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