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Feature •  Why Hollywood and Silicon Valley Need Each Other, Stanford Graduate School of Business video published Jan 31, 2017

Bill Guttentag, Stanford GSB Lecturer in Organizational Behavior and double Oscar-winning writer, producer, director on "Why Hollywood and Silicon Valley Need Each Other"--see also: Why Hollywood as We Know It Is Already Over | Vanity Fair

YouTube.com unedited Transcript (pdf):

Can Apple Tackle Hollywood?

The tech giant needs a hit business to follow the iPhone. Fortune.com video above published Feb 1, 2017. For more on Hollywood and Silicon Valley see this (Google SERP).

Other Tech News:

•  Google has passed Apple to become the world's most valuable brand reports Marketwatch.com, citing the Brand Finance Global 500 report. According to Brand Finance: “Put simply, Apple has over-exploited the goodwill of its customers, it has failed to generate significant revenues from newer products such as the Apple Watch and cannot demonstrate that genuinely innovative technologies are in the pipeline.”

•  Smartphone shipments in China were up 9% in Q4 2016 and 12% in all of 2016 according to Counterpoint; market winners were Huawei, Oppo, and Vivo (HOV); Xioami and Apple declined.--ChinaInternetWatch.com

•  Snap Inc. IPO: How will the market value a company that features a $514 million net loss on around $404 million in revenue last year, compared to a $373 million net loss on $59 million in revenue in 2015, and 158 million daily average users, 2.5 billion snaps per day, with more than 60% of users creating snaps each day? See also: Snap commits $2 billion over 5 years for Google Cloud infrastructure | TechCrunch.com.

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