News Review: Who Needs a Domain Name and Website Anymore?

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Feature •  Who needs a domain name and website anymore?

Some would have you believe websites are passé:
Source: Hootsuite.com and Edelman.com
But read:

Other Internet Domain News:
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1.  New gTLD .WEB Updates:

2.  ICANN CCWG Accountability Workstream 2 (WS2) Dashboard for the month of January 2017 (pdf) excerpt:
See also:  ICANN Jurisdiction, CCWG-Accountability WS2 Questionnaire | DomainMondo.com.

3. Update on ICANN's CCT-Review--Competition, Consumer Trust, and Consumer Choice Review--"We will be spending our two next plenary calls (February 9 & 15) discussing the Executive Summary, defining Prioritization and finally reviewing recommendations priority (including if there is a prerequisite to subsequent procedures). Considering we are behind schedule on our papers discussions, we have shifted our deadline to publish our draft recommendations to February 20 ..."--CCT-RT Chair Jonathan Zuck

4.  Global Amendment to the Base New gTLD Registry Agreement:  ICANN completely disregarded domain name registrants' concerns, and is going to remove pricing transparency on new gTLDs, what happens next?

5.   ICANN Board Report – February 2017 Workshop 09 Feb 2017 board-report-workshop-feb-2017-09feb17-en.pdf [676 KB], excerpts:
  • As of the end of December 2016, ICANN org has 365 people, that is 21 people less than the FY17 year end budget projection of 386. Over the last three months, 15 joined and another 8 left.
  • ICANN Org by Locations: As of December 31 2016, North America Offices & Remote consists of 217 (79%) in Los Angeles office, 28 in Washington DC office, 29 work remotely in US, 1 work remotely in Canada, totaling 275 (75% of the total organization).

6.   Letter from Göran Marby to Thomas Schneider [Published 8 February 2017] ICANN | President & CEO Responses to the questions in Annex 1 of the Hyderabad Communiqué GACCommuniqué - Hyderabad, India [Published 8 November 2016] excerpt:
Question 2b. Is ICANN conducting any type of independent research that allows it to obtain metrics and generate statistics related to concentration of malicious domain names per registrar/registry and how this trends over a determined period of time? Answer: "At this time, ICANN is not generating statistics on malicious domains in a comprehensive way ..."
7.  Healthy Domains Initiative Isn't Healthy for the Internet | Electronic Frontier Foundation | EFF.org:

8.  Rightside (NASDAQ: NAME) and Donuts Sign Multi-Year Extension of their New gTLD Registry Services Agreement (Feb 7, 2017): Rightside will continue to provide the back-end registry services for Donuts' nearly 200 new generic Top Level Domains (new gTLDs). "A registry back-end system performs the critical functions necessary for a domain name registry to fulfill its technical obligations in running a top-level domain (or TLD, the section of the web address to the right of the dot).  This includes provisioning and maintenance of domains in the registry database and the domain name system (DNS), supplying Whois services, providing shared access to registration functions for domain name registrars, and numerous features to support the business and operational requirements of registry operators."

9.  Q4 2016 Results this coming week on DomainMondo.comGoDaddy (NYSE: GDDY) Q4 2016 Results, LIVE Webcast Feb 15, 5:00pm ET. ICYMI on Domain MondoTucows $TCX Q4 2016 Earnings LIVE Webcast Feb 7, 5:00pm ET.

On DM's coverage list, only Rightside (NASDAQ:NAME) has failed to announce when it will release Q4 2016 results. Perhaps Rightside, like Neustar, will  go private since it's a thinly traded small cap stock and apparently isn't going anywhere:
 Rightside (NASDAQ: NAME)

10.  Geneva Internet Platform DigitalWatch newsletter (pdf) notes 1) that "over the last two decades, globalisation and the growth of the Internet have been closely related. Looking ahead, the crisis of globalisation will have an unavoidable impact on the internet ... in addition to a more fragmented internet ..." and 2) in Russia, three cybersecurity specialists connected to the Kremlin were arrested over allegations that they were spying for Washington.

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