Tech Review: China's Tech Nationalism, One Belt, One Road (video)

Tech Review (TR 2017-06-10)--Domain Mondo's weekly review of tech news:

Features • 1) China's Tech Nationalism & One Belt, One Road (videos), 2) Apple $AAPL, 3) Execution, Accountability, Transparency, 4) Marissa's Yahoo Paycheck, 5) Viral Misinformation, 6) TRUMP & Climate Change, 7) ICYMI Tech News.

1) China's Tech Nationalism | OneBelt, One Road (videos)

Will China's Tech Nationalism Hurt Foreign Tech Firms?

Video above published May 16, 2017: At the WSJ CEO Council in Tokyo, Honeywell's Caroline Pan and APCO’s James McGregor discussed China’s effort to develop its high-tech sector, which has raised concerns among foreign tech firms that it will hurt their businesses. [Editor's note: keywords are equality and reciprocity.]

All Aboard China's 'Belt and Road' Extravaganza:

Video above published May 16, 2017: China is trying to build excitement around Xi Jinping's "One Belt, One Road" plan to expand trade with roads, railways and ports. Art installations like "Golden Bridge on Silk Road" and themed commercial products are supporting the campaign.

Other Tech News:

2)  Apple $AAPL: Why You Should Sell Apple Now - Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) | SeekingAlpha.com and Apple Investors Should Take Cover | SeekingAlpha.com and Apple Services Unlikely To Offset Soft iPhone Sales | SeekingAlpha.com and Will The Apple HomePod Be Successful? | SeekingAlpha.com"For investors hoping this would be a breakthrough product for Apple, I would advise you to lower your expectations in this regard."

3) Execution, Accountability, Transparency:"There is no innovation without execution .... If you want to do broad ambitious things, you need to be accountable to articulate why it is the right thing to do. You need to be able to write down your basic thesis and the evidence behind it and then defend it. In fact, the more power you hold, the more accountable you need to be to open yourself to honest challenge on either facts or logic. This is even more critical in times of rapid change because the facts and consequential logic might change. Accountability and transparency means you are able to reassess your conclusions and react quickly."--What Really Happened with Vista | HackerNoon.com.

4) Marissa's Yahoo Paycheck: Dissecting Marissa Mayer’s $900,000-a-Week Yahoo Paycheck--Marissa Mayer was paid nearly a quarter of a billion dollars — a generous sum even by Silicon Valley’s lofty standards — while presiding over Yahoo's continued decline.--NYTimes.com.

5) Viral Misinformation--WhatsApp Has A Viral Rumor Problem With Real Consequences: "The private, closed nature of messaging apps makes it impossible to know how many rumors are circulating."--buzzfeed.com

6) TRUMP & Climate Change: Donald Trump’s decision to exit the Paris climate accord might matter less than you'd think. Trump can't stop decarbonization of the economy.--Bloomberg.com

7) ICYMI Tech News Quick Takes:

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