Okta & Identity: Oktane17, August 28-30, Aria, Las Vegas (video)

Okta, Inc.
Domain: okta.com
Headquarters: San Francisco, CA
CEO: Todd McKinnon
CFO: Bill Losch
Founded: 2009
Our mission is to enable any organization to use any technology, and we believe identity is the key to making that happen. Okta is the leading independent provider of identity for the enterprise. Okta pioneered identity in the cloud. The Okta Identity Cloud is our category defining platform that enables our customers to securely connect people to technology, anywhere, anytime and from any device.--source: okta.com
Starting Up In A Downturn: How Okta Built An Enduring Enterprise Company

Video above published Oct 28, 2015: Okta CEO and co-founder Todd McKinnon and COO and co-founder Frederic Kerrest tell the story of starting Okta in a time of economic downturn and share how they think about building an enduring enterprise company.

Why CIOs choose Okta

Video above published Feb 27, 2017: CIOs are driving transformations at their organizations and identity plays a critical role. Hear from CIOs at Experian, 20th Century Fox, Dish, Pitney Bowes, News Corp and Flex about why they choose Okta to be a key partner.
Okta Customer Journey: Federal Communications Commission

Video above published Jun 2, 2017: The Okta Identity Cloud is a major player in the FCC’s massive modernization effort. Find out how the 100 percent cloud-hosted identity management provider with thousands of pre-integrated apps eases the FCC’s modernization for everyone involved.

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