Tech Review: Ransomware Attacks Just The Tip of the Iceberg (video)

Tech Review (TR 2017-07-01)--Domain Mondo's weekly review of tech news:

Features • 1)  Ransomware Attacks Just The Tip of the Iceberg, 2) Google faces years of EU oversight, 3) Uber's Valuation?, 4) Baidu AI Developers Conference, 5) Censorship: Germany, 6) Global Top 100 Brands 2017, 7) ICYMI Tech News.

1) McAfee CEO Says Ransomware Attacks Are Just Beginning

Video above published Jun 27, 2017: Chris Young, McAfee.com's chief executive officer, discusses the spread of ransomware attacks across the globe with Bloomberg's Emily Chang on "Bloomberg Technology." See New ransomware outbreak reported all over world | TheHill.com.

Infographic: Ransomware Makes up Small Share of Growing Malware Threat | Statista  Source: Statista.com

According to data provided by IT-security institute AV-Test, ransomware (such as "WannaCry" and "Petya") is only a very small share of all malware detected worldwide.--Statista.com.

See also on cybersecurity: 

Other Tech News:
2)  Google faces years of EU oversight on top of record antitrust fine | Reuters.com and EVIL GOOGLE: European Commission €2.42B (US$2.73B) Antitrust Fine | DomainMondo.com. Alphabet ($GOOGL and $GOOG) generated $90.3 billion in revenue in 2016. Google's share of that revenue was $89.5 billion. 

3)  Unicorns: With rising competition and no real moat, Uber may not be really worth its $68B Silicon Valley valuation, even if it overhauls its corporate culture--Uber’s Biggest Problem: Its Business Model | WSJ.com.

4) 2017 百度AI开发者大会 | Baidu AI Developers Conference | baidu.com:
"Baidu is inviting developers from all around the world to participate in this festival of AI technology." July 5, 2017, Beijing.

5)  Censorship: Germany enacts law with fines of up to $57 million for social media websites failing to delete illegal, racist, or slanderous content within 24 hours--NYTimes.com.

6)  brandZ.com | Global Top 100 Brands 2017: #1 Google; #2 Apple; #3 Microsoft; #4 Amazon; #5 Facebook; ... #8 Tencent; #9 IBM; ... #14 Alibaba; ... #17 China Mobile .... #21 SAP (highest rank of all non-US & non-China brands)  ...."

7) ICYMI Tech News Quick Takes:

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