Your Favorite Brand: Whatever Google or Amazon Says? (video)

Your Favorite Brand? Whatever Google or Amazon Says

Video above published Jun 29, 2017, by L2inc.com: Digital Winners & Losers

Winner: Food videos. BuzzFeed's Tasty is one of Facebook's most popular pages, and Chinese toddler Xiaoman scored major ad deals by eating on camera.

Loser: Brands as the percentage of consumers who can name a favorite brand declines. People search for "ingredients and benefits."
2008-2015 chart of percentage of affluents who can identify a "favorite" brand
source: YouGov and Time Inc. via L2inc.com
Plus, Professor Scott Galloway's advice on how to find a mate: move to a Super City.

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Transcript via YouTube.com:
0:03 Okay, enough already - you win.
0:09 A winner: food videos.
0:11 With 85 million followers, BuzzFeed's Tasty is among Facebook's most popular pages.
0:17 Tasty garnered almost a billion video views in April.
0:19 Food brands are paying attention and partnering with the channel or producing look-alike content.
0:25 Pillsbury's Tasty-style videos account for three of the five most engaged videos by food brands.
0:31 In China, viral videos of two-year-old Xiaoman eating helped her land ad deals with major brands
0:37 including Pampers and Alibaba.
0:40 A loser: brands.
0:42 The percentage of consumers who can name a favorite brand has declined dramatically.
0:47 As product research moves online, people aren't searching for brands, but for ingredients and benefits.
0:52 Art Naturals, a skincare brand you likely haven't heard of, leverages this trend
0:57 and outperforms Olay on Amazon by optimizing for popular ingredient searches.
1:01 51% of smartphone users have discovered new companies or products through search.
1:08 Your favorite brand?
1:09 Whatever Google or Amazon tells you is your favorite brand at that moment.
1:14 A couple weeks ago was commencement week here at NYU,
1:17 which is a wonderful time.
1:19 So some advice for new grads:
1:21 get to a super city.
1:22 Two-thirds of economic growth over the next 50 years
1:24 will occur in the biggest cities.
1:27 Opportunity is a function of density.
1:29 Get to a place that is crowded with success.
1:32 Living in a big city can also help you find a mate.
1:34 There is no one. You need to get to a place where there are thousands.
1:39 Specifically where the odds are stacked in your favor.
1:42 On a scorecard of character, success and looks everyone is somewhere between a 1 and a 10.
1:47 Put yourself in a city where you can add a couple of points.
1:50 In New York City and Miami males who are 5 get to date 7s
1:55 and in Boston and San Francisco it's reversed.
1:56 Can't wait for the hate mail from women in San Francisco and Boston.

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