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Tech Review (TR 2017-08-26)--Domain Mondo's weekly review of tech news:
Features • 1) Chrome OS: Say Goodbye To Microsoft Windows Forever, 2) Cash is King, 3)Trump's Tweeting Worth $2B to Twitter $TWTR, 4) Investing: Unintended Bets,  Streaming Media Content Wars, AT&T debt, 5)ICYMI Tech News.

1)  Chrome OS: Say Goodbye To Microsoft Windows Forever

Google Chromebooks Are Moving Onto Microsoft's Core Customer Turf: Big Business. Chrome Enterprise will integrate with Microsoft Active Directory and VMware AirWatch software. Video above published Aug 23, 2017, by CNBC.com.

If you are sick of hearing or reading stuff like Windows 10 Insiders: Microsoft won't tell you about known bugs anymore | ZDNet.com, there's a way out, even for enterprises (large businesses).

For large businesses adopting Chrome OS devices, Google now offers Chrome Enterprise subscriptions, which cost $50 per device per year, rebranding and upgrading what was formerly known as Chromebooks for Work.

Other business options are available, see
Also note Google plans to launch a new Chromebook Pixel, mini version of Google Home alongside new Pixel phones | androidpolice.com.

But caveat: Chromebooks will not move into business if they cannot be bought | ZDNet.com"When it comes to Chromebooks, there are those available in the United States, and then there are those for the rest of the world ... It's a strange state of affairs when OEMs in Asia do not make a selection of their products available on their side of the Pacific, particularly when we are talking about the lower end of the market that has myriad configurations and models available otherwise. With such a haphazard approach, it seems the business push for Chromebooks is not wholehearted, which seems to be the pattern of many projects from Google."

2) Cash is King--America Wasted $160 Million Trying to Get Afghanistan to Use E-Payments | Motherboard.vice.com--"... Agents across the country told SIGAR the same story: cash is fast, cash is efficient, cash is king. The unspoken truth is that cash is good for a quick buck on the side and cheaper for everyone involved. You don't pay taxes on transactions you don't report ..." See also Amazon Top Up - In Store | Amazon.co.ukAmazon Cash comes to UK as Amazon Top Up, allowing users to load between £5 and £250 onto their Amazon UK accounts at certain retailers.

3)  What Is Trump Worth to Twitter? One Analyst Estimates $2 Billion | Bloomberg.com reports that "Without Donald Trump, Twitter Inc. could lose almost a fifth of its value,citing Monness Crespi Hardt & Co. [domain: mchny.com] analyst James Cakmak, who said Twitter $TWTR would lose as much as $2 billion in market value if @realDonaldTrump quit tweeting.

4) Investing
  • Avoid Unintended Bets in Your Investment Portfolio | cfainstitute.org“Be conscious what’s driving the risk in your portfolio ... Don’t tell me you underweight Apple without realizing that you are underweighting the technology sector without buying other tech stocks, or that you are making a size bet, or a bet against trends in consumer electronics. Those are all the implied bets when you underweight the largest name in your universe.”
  • The Streaming Media Content Wars: Apple $AAPL vs Amazon $AMZN, Netflix $NFLX, Google/YouTube, et al: Apple TV: Go Freemium | SeekingAlpha.com 
  • AT&T Inc. (NYSE:T) (domain: att.com): the nearly completed merger with Time Warner will expand the debt load massively, and the debt will be the single greatest risk to the company--SeekingAlpha.com

5) ICYMI Tech News:
  • Amazon to cut Whole Foods prices, escalating grocery turf war | Reuters.com
  • Gmail tip: Gmail does not recognise a plus sign "+" in an email address or any words after it--"If your email address is inewsisgreat @gmail.com, emails sent to inewsisgreat+informative @gmail.com will also be received."--inews.co.uk. Same thing applies if you are using Google Apps email (G Suite) via your own custom domain name. The above tip allows you to categorize and sort incoming subscription, group, etc., emails before you have even read them.

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