The Incredible Size of Google's Digital Advertising Business

Infographic: The Incredible Size of Google's Advertising Business | Statista source: Statista.com
"[T]he lion’s share of the company’s [Alphabet's] revenue still stems from the core Google segment and its advertising business in particular. Ad revenue amounted to $22.67 billion in the three months ending June 30, accounting for 87 percent of the company’s total revenue. Google’s advertising business is safely on track to surpass $90 billion this year, making it the largest ad-selling company in the world by far. "--Statista.com
Net digital ad revenues of Google as percentage of total digital advertising revenues worldwide from 2016 and projected through 2019 are in the range of 32-33%. Competitors to Google are Amazon (in both search and advertising) and Facebook (in advertising). See also Google and Facebook Are the New Media Barons | Bloomberg.com.
Change in advertising revenue, 2010-2016. Source: Magna Global, Bloomberg Intelligence and Google filings.
source: $GOOGL / $GOOG Q2 2017 Earnings Release
The above list of 10 largest internet companies from Wikipedia.org: "This is a list of the world's largest internet companies by revenue and market capitalization. The list is restricted to dotcom companies, defined as a company that does the majority of its business on the Internet, with annual revenues exceeding 1 billion USD. It excludes Internet service providers or other information technology companies. For a more general list of IT companies, see list of the largest information technology companies." [Editor's note: Alphabet / Google is listed as a "Search" company and Facebook as a "Social" company but actually both are giant advertising companies.] See also the NASDAQ: GOOGL and NASDAQ: GOOG (stock charts).

Infographic: The Numbers Behind Google's Online Empire | Statista source: Statista.com

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