Digital China: China’s Plans for Cyberspace & the Digital Economy (video)

Digital China: What Are China’s Leaders & Scholars Saying About Their Plans for Cyberspace?

LIVE Webcast, Oct 17, 2017, 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm ET (US), from New America, Washington, D.C.

LIVE Video Tuesday:

As China launches its 19th Party Congress, its plans to shape cyberspace are becoming ever clearer. Through the publications of government and Party officials, we are increasingly getting insights into Chinese plans for the digital economy. Often however that information is only available to Chinese-speakers. Therefore, through New America, a group of China cyber experts have launched a new effort to translate and analyze key Chinese documents and make them available to a wider audience.
At this event they will offer their insights on China’s plans for the digital economy, including cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, cryptocurrencies, internet governance, and much more. What have Chinese officials already told the world? What goals has Beijing already achieved? Where has China run into challenges? What new initiatives should we expect from the 19th Party Congress, the 4th World Internet Conference, and beyond? What does this mean for the United States?
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John Costello, @CostelloJK
Cybersecurity Fellow, New America

Samm Sacks, @SammSacks
Senior Fellow in the Technology Policy Program at Center for Strategic & International Studies

Paul Triolo, @pstAsiatech
Geo-technology Practice Head, Eurasia Group

Graham Webster, @gwbstr
Lecturer and Senior Fellow at Paul Tsai China Center at Yale Law School

Ian Wallace, @pianwallace
Co-Director of the Cybersecurity Initiative, New America & Senior Fellow, International Security Program

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