Hackers Will Pose A Greater Cybersecurity Threat In 2018 (video)

Hackers will pose a greater cybersecurity threat in 2018

As more elements of our daily lives are linked to the internet, hackers will have greater opportunity to scale up cybercrimes, leaving our homes and personal lives more vulnerable to attack, reports The Economist (economist.com), which  published the above video on Oct 4, 2017:
"In 2018 cyber attacks will affect our lives like never before. Hackers have already compromised multi-national organisations, stealing the personal details of millions. Hackers have even been implicated in national elections.
"On the golden shores of Hawaii lives one of the most prolific hackers on the planet. At the age of 22, Jeremiah Grossman hacked Yahoo – one of the biggest tech companies in the world. In response, they offered him a job – Yahoo’s Chief Hacker.
"According to Jeremiah "There’s a vernacular in the industry, there is the white hat hackers and then there is the black hat hackers. The way I like to describe it is kind of like Star Wars where you have the Jedi and the Sith. The skills are the same but one uses their powers for good and the other one is for evil. I am more of the white hat variety. I use those skills to prevent other people from getting hacked. There is people all over the world attacking you and you have to remain calm and steadfast at every point because if you lose control you will lose the battle."
"White hat hackers break into computer systems to find the weaknesses and make companies aware of them. But it’s about to get even harder to keep up the defences.
"With an ever-increasing risk to corporate security, 2018 will see an unlikely saviour in the fight against hackers - Insurance companies.
"But cyber insurance can only go so far when we are all becoming vulnerable to attack. More and more of our every day lives are being hardwired to the internet from the lock on our front door to our heating. Being connected may bring convenience, but it also makes our homes and our personal lives more vulnerable to hackers."

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